Disputes and Litigation

Disputes can arise between individuals for any number of reasons from seemingly straightforward matters such as recovering an unpaid debt or evicting a trespasser from your land through to more complex matters such as disputes between co owners about ownership of a property, disputes over construction work and disputes over the contents of a Will. These disputes sometimes can be settled amicably out of Court through negotiation or mediation while others require a judge at a hearing to decide them. If you do not obtain the right advice early on in a dispute it can lead to long delays and unnecessary costs. At Chubb & Co we are able to give sound practical advice to you on matters from recovering small debts to more complex situations where much larger sums are involved.

One of our main areas of expertise is assisting individuals wishing to sell a property which they own with their partner or other family member and relations have broken down. If you are in this situation we can help by applying to the Court to obtain an Order to sell the Property or use mediation to broker an agreement to sell it and achieve closure for you.

Paul Dalton has a wide experience of Litigation and settling disputes outside of the Courtroom. If you need the right advice to bring your dispute to an end just e-mail Paul Dalton at prd@chubblaw.co.uk or call 01629 581252 for an initial chat.

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