Making a Will is something that many people put off because they don’t like to think about dying, or the expense involved for their family.

By making a Will with us, you take control. You decide who will inherit your estate and at what age your children inherit and who their guardians should be if they are under 18 when you die. You can also ensure that you do not pay more inheritance tax than is necessary and, in particular, you can provide for your partner if you are not married or you are in a civil partnership. If a will is not made the rules for inheritance are imposed on your family and rarely follow what you would like to happen for your spouse, partner and children.

When it comes to writing your Will, you can take various options but getting it wrong can put a lot at stake. The best way forward is to choose a professional service provided by a Chubb and Co. You will find, that this is not as expensive as you might think.

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